Realme GT Master Edition Review


The world of cell phones has lately been occupied by one tiny little company: Realme. In that respect, the Realme GT Master Edition sounds like the right compromise for such a hard-to-please crowd, particularly with a strangely retro design intended to appeal to teenage travel-forlorn kids. If only all mobile phones could make that kind of bold design, because then we’d be able to cross reference our manuals and high-tech GPS satellites simultaneously! So take a deep breath to read how many concessions Realme required to make their version of the Realme GT Master Edition phone worthwhile. realme gt master edition

The thing that sets the Realme of master edition apart from other mid-range phones is its camera. This is actually the part people usually agree is a “wow” factor. For some reason, teenagers just love to have something that makes them look cool, and this is an easy way to get at that sort of youthful look without costing an arm and a leg. In fact, it’s possible to get your own professional, high-quality camera for a mere bargain price, if you’re willing to shop around. That’s because Realme has made available the Realme GT GTR camera on a pre-order basis at a fairly low price.

Those who are interested in getting this phone will find plenty of consumer reviews of the Realme GT master edition on various popular web sites. We have scoured through dozens of them, and the consensus seems to be that everyone is generally very pleased with this phone’s performance. While there may be some small bumps in the upgrade path, for the most part the Realme of master edition offers users a platform to aspire to. Users also seem to be pleased with the relatively low prices of these come at (we recommend you stay away from the 256GB prices, at least for the moment, since the memory space is not going to be enough for average use), and the fact that they have yet to overheat.

The Realme GT is one of those phones that will allow you to truly personalize your device. Because it’s designed to be somewhat of a customized, work-from-home mobile workstation, it’s easy to do such things as change the skins you like best and assign people text messages to read. You can also download applications, such as the Microsoft Office Suite, and a lot of the music and video that you’ll be able to access from your phone. These features, and the fact that many people will be using a microSD slot for their cell phone, mean that you won’t need to worry about the Realme GT Master Edition exceeding your current data plan’s available space. For those who aren’t into doing much more than texting and receiving calls, this could be just the thing for you!

If we’ve learned anything from the Realme GT Master Edition review, it’s that this is a phone that is capable of charging very quickly, thanks to its impressive Quick Charge technology. This means that charging your phone when you’ve run out of juice isn’t a problem, and you won’t waste any time or money trying to get a replacement battery. The phone’s powerful yet understated multi-touch display is also a factor worth noting here. It’s not a particularly large or striking screen, but it’s one that is definitely packed with features. Texting and browsing are a cinch when you have the screen on, and if you want to view photos, videos, or graphics, then all you have to do is tap the screen, which instantly makes available an expansive gallery of options for you to tap into. We found the Realme GT Master Edition’s camera to be quite impressive too, being capable of taking high quality pictures in either portrait mode or landscape mode – something we’re not so used to finding in many phones.

If we’ve learned anything from the Realme GT Master Edition review, it’s that this is a phone that packs a powerful punch. Longer than you’d expect, weighing just 170 grams, this phone packs all of the same features and performance you would expect from a mid-range smartphone. There’s a solid range of added features as well, including a heart rate monitor and a built-in flash, and although we found that the battery life wasn’t particularly long, it did offer almost a full day of talk time on most models, giving users plenty of reasons for the price to be worth it. With an excellent price tag to match, it’s easy to see why this is a phone that people should consider purchasing.

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