Sagittarius Love Horoscope – Your Love Overview for the Year 2011

In 2011 you already mobilized from previous years, where most of you came up against major changes and upheavals in key areas of your life. Regardless of some fatigue from your efforts in recent years, the features of your sign, such as action, impulse, competition and the willingness to lead, may help you finally get the desired results. If by now you properly evaluate the messages of the planets you’d have already learnt the virtues of organization, accountability, and insistence of objective data which are necessary to realize your goals. So throughout 2011 you will have the opportunity to see some sensible results of your efforts, as long as you’re prepared to continue the hard work and not depend on the laurels you have.

On January 22, Jupiter will most definitely cross the sign, marking a new 12 months cycle of ambitious objectives and strong effort. On the eve of the first Jupiter in your house, you’ll really feel progressive and expansionary effect. Open a window at random and make every effort.

On June 4, with the passage of Jupiter in Taurus, the second house of your horoscope, you may boost your finances sufficiently to use it wisely in your favor. Try to make the required economic enhancements and prepare for the old leftovers.

On August 30, Jupiter will start the backward path where up to 26 December will orthodromise. It is going to continue to keep you busy with economic issues, markets and investments. Very likely during this period it’s possible you’ll need to make some revisions in this area.

Saturn on July 21, 2010, here Jupiter will be making this period a challenging one, with elevated duties and major duties in your personal relationships. Do not try to bypass the developments with frivolous motions. Stay sensible and accept the responsibilities that you share. The message of Saturn in this house is to stabilize your personal life. The ephemeral love will seem pointless, the relationships do not have the required skills and foundation to develop, the relationship will likely be tested by the planet of limitation.

Neptune from the eleventh house of your horoscope still infuses your dreams with idealism and selflessness. You possibly can assist groups and organizations to share with you the same visions and goals. Watch out not to fall sufferer to exploitation. libra horoscope

On April 4, Neptune will make a quick stint in the sign of Pisces which is able to reach up to 55 ‘supplying you with an insight that you might find useful. On June 3 will begin to reverse course and return the sign of Aquarius on August 5.

Pluto at the peak of your horoscope causes you a mood for recognition in the professional area and affects most to those born in first ten days. Your professional life is kind of demanding and requires great effort and arduous work from you to prove your worth and gain an important role in business affairs. For those who can deal with this upward path, will be rewarded for their skills and gain more power.

On April 9, Pluto will turn retrograde at 7 30 ‘Capricorn brought to you by the fourth 53 “on 16 September. Throughout the recursion, you may have to review your business objectives and to resize the new data presented to you. Avoid any games of power and authority and do not distract from your goals. Despite some obstacles you’ll encounter, do not lose courage and your perseverance. Understand that the changes occurring now are necessary for your progress, whether you prefer it or not. Avoid frivolous risks and comply with a more logical and legacy roads.


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